EKT in Portugal

EKT in Portugal In the past moths, the Portuguese project partner CIEd – Research Centre on Education, Institute of Education, University of Minho, Braga has been busy to implement various EKT activities. These were the highlights. A transnational meeting of the EKT project partners was held in Braga in July. Finally the partners after mainly […]

COVID-19 as a motor of digitalization in vocational education

COVID-19 as a motor of digitalization  EKT seeks share insights with thematically related projects in other education sectors. The project C19 d-Response (https://covid19digitalresponse.eu/), for instance, addresses the challenge many VET providers faced at the outbreak of the pandemic when all of a sudden their educational offers had to be turned into online learning. C19 d-Response […]

Brandnew: GROOVE Toolkit for Digitalization of the VET Sector

GROOVE Toolkit for Digitalization  EKT supports the interaction of student teachers, mentors and teachers in school placements. But digitalization is of course also a hot topic in other education sector. The Erasmus+ project GROOVE (https://grooveproject.eu/) has just released a toolkit for VET providers and trainers to advance their professional practices towards digitalization. It is now […]

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