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New article in the International Journal of STEM Education in the framework of the EKT project.

  International Journal of STEM Education publishes a new article by researchers from the EUSC ducational Technology group in collaboration with researchers from CITIUS. The article presents the study conducted to understand how Artificial Intelligence (AI)is being integrated in primary and secondary education around the world. For this purpose, a systematic literature review process based […]

EKT in Portugal

EKT in Portugal In the past moths, the Portuguese project partner CIEd – Research Centre on Education, Institute of Education, University of Minho, Braga has been busy to implement various EKT activities. These were the highlights. A transnational meeting of the EKT project partners was held in Braga in July. Finally the partners after mainly […]

EKT project meeting in Vienna

EKT project meeting in Vienna The EKT project partners met at University College of Teacher Education, Vienna, from December 12 to 13, 2022. The productive meeting was the start of the last project phase. EKT comes to an end on April 30, 2023. Have a look at the meeting summary.    

EKT presented to Irish students

EKT presented to Irish students Dr Alison Egan and her colleague Miriam Colum of project partner Marino Institute of Education, Dublin, were invited to speak to second year Bachelor in Education students on use of the EKT platform, for their special education placement, in early November 2022.  There were a number of questions from students […]

EKT at BERA conference

EKT at BERA conference Dr Janet Georgeson and  Dr Alison Egan presented on the EKT Project at British Educational Research Association (BERA) annual conference in Liverpool on 8th September 2022 about how the pilot implementation of the EKT Platform was going in each of their countries.     

EKT Papers accepted by SITE and BERA Conferences 2022

Project of interest to researchers investigating placement and the role of ICT We would like to share a study from Manchester University that looked in the how technology can be used for remote supervision of teaching placements. Helen Chilton and Wendy McCracken share the perspectives of participants using of new technology for remote supervision and […]

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