EKT Papers accepted by SITE and BERA Conferences 2022

Project of interest to researchers investigating placement and the role of ICT

We would like to share a study from Manchester University that looked in the how technology can be used for remote supervision of teaching placements. Helen Chilton and Wendy McCracken share the perspectives of participants using of new technology for remote supervision and assessment of situated learning on teaching placement in schools in the UK. Their paper New technology, changing pedagogies? Exploring the concept of remote teaching placement supervision is published in Higher Education Pedagogies in 2017 and is readily available on doi.org with Open Access. Chilton and McCracken explore how new technology shapes assessment and supervision on a specialist Teacher Education programme for Deaf Education. The researchers found that the use of technology can promote ‘new pedagogical pathways … with particular reference to reflective practice and self-assessment’.  The paper also includes a useful summary of related literature and outlines models of supervision that could provide a useful analytic frame to analyse data from the EKT project.

Recommended summer reading!

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