About the Project


The project develops new, innovative and multidisciplinary approaches to teaching and learning, as well as university-business cooperation in the development of e-learning technology for in- school placements based on a comprehensive strategy tailored to the needs of the key stakeholder, i.e. student teachers, their school mentors and academic mentors.

Through collaboration between universities and e-learning companies and the joint creation of services based on scientific knowledge the companies will be able provide better services to educational institutions and professionals in the future.

Finally, EKT addresses an unresolved technological issue: the necessary interoperability of a wide range of e-learning applications and services of. Today, these available tools offer partial and fragmented solutions, with significant communication difficulties between them. EKT developed a flexible, smart, versatile and interoperable system that combines different technologies in the same environment.

Project objectives

Knowledge Alliances aim to strengthen European innovation capacity and encourage innovation in higher education through collaboration with business and the wider socio-economic environment. They are therefore intended to achieve one or more of the following general objectives:

  • to develop new innovative and multidisciplinary approaches to teaching and learning;
  • to stimulate the entrepreneurial spirit and business skills of higher education teaching staff and staff in enterprises;
  • to facilitate the exchange, circulation and joint creation of knowledge.

In this sense, the EKT Project contributes to the modernisation of Europe’s higher education systems, promoting student-centred learning and teaching through increased support for effective communication and cooperation between the key stakeholders in school placements: student teachers, their school mentors and academic mentors. This is achieved through intensive collaboration and knowledge transfer between universities and businesses which provide e-learning services and tools.

Target audiences​

The main professionals and institutions targeted by the EKT Project are:

  • University lecturers and researchers of Education Sciences
  • Universities (in particular Faculties of Education, University Colleges of Teacher Education).
  • Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary Schools and teachers.
  • Teacher students (kindergarten, Primary and Secondary Education)
  • School mentors and academic mentors in school placements
  • E-learning companies (providers of ICT and services)


A variety of tangible results for use, inspiration and reflection are now available at the Resources section of this website:


  • Educational and technological framework for development of professional competences in school placements
  • Access to the EKT System
  • EKT Mobile APP
  • EKT SPOC (Small Private Online Course) on observation, reflection and research-action of the student teacher
  • Reports and Guides on technological development, piloting , evaluation and dissemination
  • EKT Handbook, which shares the experience gained and presents key results in a nutshell
  • Scientific publications, conference papers and theses related to the project
  • Multimedia material
  • Newsletters and other dissemination materials
  • Impressions from the EKT Final Conference and national events
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