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The University of Santiago de Compostela (USC) is a centenary public university dedicated to the preservation, generation, transmission and diffusion of knowledge in a socially responsible way and in connection with the demands and challenges of the Galician society. The University of Santiago de Compostela has a wide academic offer and a powerful research capacity and has been valued for its excellence as one of the best universities in Spain and in the European Higher Education Area. The USC is a pioneering institution in the development of entrepreneurship policies, in the promotion of R+D+i and in the transfer and valorization of its research results.

The educational technology group of the University of Santiago has an experience of more than twenty years in research, transfer and innovation in the use of technologies in education. Its lines of research and services are oriented towards eLearning, inclusion and equity through technology, the development of teacher training programs for the digitalization of education and the development of educational services and resources that contribute to social transformation through the constructive use of ICT.

The Educational Technology group of the USC has participated in many national and international research projects (LLP, Comenius, Grundtvig, Erasmus+) and is part of several renowned scientific networks of Educational Technology and Education (EDUTEC, SEP…). The Educational Technology group at USC is the main coordinator of the EKT project and leads the development of EKT methodology for in-school placements including the proposal for the use of the EKT elearning system.

die Berater Unternehmensberatungs GmbH focuses on adult education vocational training and human resources development. Founded in 1998 by Martin Röhsner, die Berater® now employs 350 people in over 40 locations throughout Austria, with additional centres in Slovakia, Slovenia, and Bulgaria. Our services are aimed at private individuals, national and international companies and organisations in all sectors and of any size, as well as the public sector. die Berater’s main fields of activities are: Adult education, Outplacement and EU Projects and project consultancy.Die Berater coordinates the dissemination and exploitation of the results of the EKT project.

Erol Koc

Galicia Supercomputing Centre (CESGA) is a public institution with the mission to contribute to the advancement of Science and Technical Knowledge, by means of research and application of high performance computing and communications, as well as other information technologies resources, in collaboration with other institutions, for the profit of Galician and Spanish society. CESGA leads the EKT project’s cluster of elearning companies.

BeezNest is an information technology company founded in 2002 with its HQ now in Brussels, Belgium.

Sharing founding members with the project, BeezNest is the leading services provider for the Open Source e-learning suite Chamilo and is currently recognized as its official editor by the Chamilo Association. Chamilo is part of the top 3 Open Source Learning Management Systems globally and usually considered part of the top 20 of all LMS combined.

Best practices in e-learning services & high-availability infrastructure make BeezNest a great partner for the implementation of large-scale e-learning projects. Today, BeezNest has more than 300 customers around the world, in 15+ different industries, of which more than 1 million learners depend each day. Beeznest is part of the EKT project’s cluster of elearning companies.

The University College of Teacher Education Vienna (PHW) is Austria’s largest teacher training institution and offers an extensive program of primary, secondary, vocational and special needs teacher education. Moreover, it also offers continuous professional development (CPD) courses and in-service training to about 40,000 teachers of different school types, from single training sessions to two-year professional development courses.
The University College of Teacher Education Vienna pursues its research policy in a wide range of subject domains. In order to take full advantage of the staff’s proficiency, we have established a number of “Centers of Expertise”, with each of them working on a specific research focus. In fact, our research aims to meet popular demands and grasp the opportunities arising in the circles of international research communities. PHW leads the pre-pilot training of tutors and prospective teachers of the EKT project.

Thomas Strasser

Marino Institute of Education (MIE) is an associated College of Trinity College Dublin. MIE is a teaching, learning and research community committed to promoting inclusion and excellence in education. We have a long and proud involvement with education, specifically initial teacher education (ITE), dating back over 100 years. MIE together with U Plymout leads the evaluation and quality control of the EKT project.

Alison Egan, PhD                  Project Manager

Ciara Reilly                            Project Researcher

Trevor Purtill                         Research & Development Project Manager

Founded in 1973, University of Minho (UMinho) is nowadays one of the most important and prestigious HEIs in Portugal. It is renowned for the competence and quality of its faculty and for the level of excellence in research as well as the wide range of undergraduate and graduate courses offered and the remarkable degree of interaction with other institutions and the society in general.

Located in the north of Portugal, UMinho has a campus in the city of Braga and two other in the city of Guimarães, which cover a student population of around 20000, 40% of which are master or PhD students.

UMinho is a research university, committed to the valorisation of knowledge and also focused on the socio-economic environment, with many successful partnerships. Internationalisation is an institutional priority and UMinho has a long and soundly-based experience in coordinating and participating in several EU programmes. UMinho leads the in-school placements initial needs study in the EKT project.

H2 Learning is a professional services organisation based in Dublin, Ireland. H2 Learning provides a range of technology enhanced learning services at school, teacher education and policymaker levels. With over 18 years in business, H2 Learning has developed extensive education sector knowledge across Europe at all education levels through our involvement in a range transnational projects. H2 Learning is leading the pilot aspect of the EKT project.

John Hurley

Founded in 1862 as the School of Navigation, the University of Plymouth is now the UK’s 15th largest university. A three-times winner of the Queen’s Anniversary Prize for Higher and Further Education, most recently in 2019, it has been recognised for its innovative teaching, its impact-driven approach to research, and the way it works with partners to create social and economic benefits for the communities. Plymouth Institute of Education (PIoE) offers both undergraduate and postgraduate training and is the only university in the south-west of England to offer the full range of teacher training from early years to further education. In addition to its undergraduate teacher training qualifications, PIoE offers a BA in Early Childhood Studies and Education Studies, as well as a full range of professional development opportunities for those working in all stages of education. U Plymout together with MIE leads the evaluation and quality control of the EKT project.

Lusoinfo Multimedia, is experienced in developing multimedia educational content and providing support in the implementation of activities in educational contexts. The company’s development strategy is based upon the principles of excellence in design and content production, with a focus on fostering an innovative learning environment. Lusoinfo is part of the EKT project’s cluster of elearning companies.

Maria João Vaz

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