EKT Papers accepted by SITE and BERA Conferences 2022

EKT Papers accepted by SITE and BERA Conferences 2022

After rigorous peer review two papers on EKT by project partner Alison Egan of Marino Institute of Education have been accepted to be presented at major education conferences:

“EKT, a pilot project exploring the use and impact of a smart technological system to support school placement in five European countries” will be presented at SITE Conference 2022 to be held in San Diego, USA, on April 11-15, 2022. The Society for Information Techology & Teacher Education represents individual teacher educators and organisations of teacher educators who are interested in the creation and dissemination of knowledge about the use of information technology in teacher education and staff development. SITE 2022 is the 33rd annual conference of its kind and one of most reputed events in this area.

“Developing support for teaching placements: a case study from one university in England” will be presented at the BERA Conference in September 2022. The British Educational Research Association is the leading authority on educational research in the UK.

Through these two papers EKT will gain high visibility in research and education.

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